Non Sequitur Music

Motion Stasis

Composer: Bruce Hamilton
Instrumentation: drum set (standard 5-piece) and recorded sound
Year Composed: 2012
Duration: 8 minutes
Cost: Purchase: $35.00 digital files; $45.00 packaged

Program Notes:

Motion Stasis is a meditation on kinetic energy and equilibrium. Following in the footsteps of my work Stamino-sosti (for percussion ensemble and recording), slowly evolving step-sequencer patterns form a minimalist core, over which still more patterns emerge and disappear, creating overlapping cycles of different durations. The virtuosic drum set part interacts with these patterns as it explores polyrhythm and groove, alternating between more beat-oriented playing and more gestural, soloistic work (and at times combining them). Other musical events are interspersed in the recording, including unison passages with the soloist, guiding the listener through the persistent journey. Motion Stasis was commissioned by Wesley Stephens, to whom it is dedicated.

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