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The latest pieces by Non Sequitur's Composers

James Aikman

New Composition:
Rental: $2,500.00
2014-2016, 94 minutes
for chamber orchestra, sitar, soprano saxophone solo, piano solo, mezzo-soprano, children's choir, chorus, narrator

Keith Fitch

New Compositions:
In Memory
Rental: $200.00; Purchase: $300.00
2013, 10 minutes
chamber orchestra (1[dbls alto]. 1[dbls EH]. 1[dbls bass cl].0. 2 perc. pno/celesta, harp [optional] 10 vlns, 6 vla, 6 vc, 2 dbs)

Piano Quartet, "Last Words"
Purchase: $80.00
2014, 17 minutes
piano, violin, viola, and cello

Knock on Wood
Purchase: $15.00
2012, 7 minutes
guitar and harp

Bruce Hamilton

New Compositions:
Motion Stasis
Purchase: $45.00
2012, 8 minutes
drum set and recorded sounds

David Heuser

New Compositions:
The Ground Beneath Our Feet
Rental: $90.00; Purchase: $200.00
2017, 4 minutes
Concert Band

What passes for discourse
Purchase: $15.00
2016, 5 minutes
alto saxophone & guitar

Taxi of Midnight
Purchase: $50.00
2015, 15 minutes
flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, & percussion
audio available audio available

Five Modular Movements
Purchase: $45.00
2015, 15 minutes
brass quintet

Purchase: $15.00
2016, 7 minutes
guitar duet
audio available audio available

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