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Composer: David Heuser
Instrumentation: string orchestra
Year Composed: 2019
Duration: 21 minutes/18 minutes (see below)
Pages (score): 58 pages/46 pages (see below)

NOTE: There are two versions of the piece, the "full" version and a version for younger players which leaves out the fourth movement and contains other changes to make the piece easier for younger performers.


  • Rental: $90.00 for the full version/ $75.00 for the version for younger players
  • Purchase: $200.00 for the full version/ $150 for the version for younger players

I. Dawn
II. Busy Morning
III. Lazy Afternoon
IV. Evening Rush
V. Nighttime
VI. Midnight

Click here for a score samples, with parts of each movement.

Program Notes:

Each movement of Moments reflects on a time of day, from dawn to midnight. This is not meant to be a particularly special day. Instead, these are imagined to be moments of what might be rather ordinary days, but perhaps considered and focused on to a greater degree than would ordinarily be the case.

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